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Get to know our Local Pork Farm

Pasture raised means our animals have the freedom to forage as they are naturally inclined to do. At our local pork farm our Berkshire Pigs are not confined to cages, nor do we clip teeth or dock tails. 7Cs pigs are provided with shelter, sunshine and love.

Antibiotic free means our animals are not given antibiotics in their feed or water. Many factory farms administer excessive antibiotics as a preventative measure to compensate for their overcrowded facilities. This standardized medicating leads to antibiotic residue in the meat and this residue is consumed. We would never unnecessarily medicate our children, so we would never feed them medicated meat.

Furthermore, the overuse of antibiotics leads to antibiotic resistant bacteria. We believe it is ethically irresponsible to misuse these medications. In the event that one of our pigs becomes sick, we give them the care and medication needed to recover.

Hormones are often given to livestock to increase their growth in a short period of time. 7Cs animals are not given any hormones. We believe that livestock should be naturally-raised and free from any questionable additives.

All natural pork is an excellent source of protein rich with nutrients. It contains all 9 essential amino acids which makes it ideal for muscle growth and repair.
In fact, the BBC recently conducted a study assessing 1000 healthy, raw foods and ranked them according to their nutritional score.  Pork fat ranked 8th most nutritious food between beet greens and swiss chard!
The healthiest way to consume pork is unprocessed and using the ‘whole hog’ approach. By including a variety of cuts of pasture raised pork in your diet, you are able to utilize the benefits of healthy fats and leaner cuts.

Modern agriculture is designed to be faster, bigger and cheaper. Local farming embraces the traditional practices of agriculture by nurturing your food. Furthermore, supporting local farmers strengthens the economy and protects the environment. When you buy food from the supermarket you don’t know where it came from or what it was exposed to. We encourage you to visit 7Cs and familiarize yourself with your food at our local pork farm.

“Know your farmer; know your food.”


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7Cs Farm Barn


Below you can see how pork is raised in a standard, industrialized farm...

industrialized pork farming

This is 7Cs Farms Pasture Raised Pork!
You can see the difference from an industrialized farm compared to our local pork farm.

Berkshire Pigs in Meadow
Happy Berkshire Pigs

Pigs are naturally curious and inclined to “root.”  At 7Cs local pork farm Our forested pasture, also known as “piggie paradise,” allow our Berkshire Pigs to dig, explore, and relax as much as they please. Pigs in industrialized farms are imprisoned indoors, enclosed in narrow cages, and forever on concrete.

Unlike what you may find in the grocery store, our all natural pork is not promoted with trendy labels.  Although we are not “certified organic” or “certified free run,” we honor traditional farming practices.  We don’t feed or administer anything to our animals that we wouldn’t want to ingest ourselves which is why we are proud to be Antibiotic Free and Hormone Free.  We see the importance in keeping animals comfortable and stimulated. 

Lastly, our pork exceeds box store pork in quality and flavour.  Unlike beef, pork doesn’t have a grading system. To assess the quality of pork, look at the colour and marbling.  A general rule is “the darker, the better.”  Darker pork has more water bound with protein leading to a more juicy and tender meat.  Marbled fat cells indicate flavour.

Store Bought Pork

Store-bought Pork Chop

7Cs Farms All Natural Pork

7Cs Farms Pork Chop